Sunday, January 18, 2009

A couple of steps back for Kenyan soccer?

Yesterday, I was not a happy soccer fan. Kimanzi got the boot for standing his groun regarding the international FRIENDLY between Harambee Stars and Egypt. One would only suspect that (again) money had something to do with all of it - considering the Egyptian soccer authorities were footing the bill both locally and international.

The stand in coach, could do the job, but Kimanzi, relatively young for a soccer coach, has amazing potential - he's got the potential to become Kenya's best ever local coach. Under him, Kenya's FIFA ranking rose to within the magical 70 required for soccer players to play in the lucrative English Premier League. Never mind that Kenya's ranking plummeted to below 80 the month after without a single game being played.

One wonders whether FKL, KFF (or whoever) really have Kenyan soccer interests at heart. Most of the time, they remind me of Kenyan politicians (those matching Mutahi Ngunyi's apt description).

Let's see if the players will be sufficiently motivated to give that extra effort under Kimanzi, who was able to relate to players extremely well due to his youth.