Thursday, September 4, 2008

Harambee Stars , Too much money in soccer?

Just bought myself a ticket, though I am still not sure I am going for the game yet.

After following the frantic last minute dealings as the transfer season in Europe, I am now not sure whether I want to keep following English soccer that keenly. It has become a case of who has the most money (never mind debt) to buy the best players. It will be interesting to see how Man City fare with their new billionaire owners who, as rumuored, offered a 'blank cheque' for highly regarded players around Europe.

Something's got to give though. There's only so much money, and so many players. And what happens to the small clubs.


Edwin said...

I'm scared for football. Very very scared.

Redondo said...

Money is a double edged sword. It cuts both ways. I hate the edge that is cutting in the EPL. AUG's acquisition of Man City is more about pride than business. And pride is something that a man can break the bank for.
I must say that the injection of cash in The Kenya premier league(money cutting with the other edge) by DSTV is welcome. The more professional our league is turned to,the better for the game.
Lets wait and see which of these edges will cut deeper.