Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The facts don't lie

10 games 20 points
2 points per game
38 games -> a projected return 76 points.
Arsenal has not played any of the traditional top 4 teams, plus the likes of Aston Villa who are top 4 contenders.

Granted their attack is arguably the most potent in the premiership, if not Europe but, the best teams traditionally have had an astute defense as well. Look at Man U last season in England and Europe and you will see what I mean - best defense in Europe and again a profilic front line.

Arsenal's game with Tottenham might be regarded by some as a freak result - how many games would you just throw away in the last 7 minutes of the game - but the defensive frailties are all too obvious.

I do not think they are ready to challenge this season for the premiership, some may say it's too early, but the numbers do not lie - the points average stats I highlighted at the beginning are pretty clear about that - and one must consider they have not played Chelsea, Man U, Liverpool (who incidentally apart from looking solid have had that streak of fortune that usually precedes a title winning campaign). Arsenal indeed would maybe consider their style of play more suited for Europe, though in Europe we have the likes of Barcelona who look like they might be getting their groove back.

A word on Tottenham - I have always thought they have very good players, just the wrong mix when they play, but then again thats why there exists a Coach. It will be interesting to see how far Mzee Redknapp takes them. I feel for Portsmouth though - maybe there should be a transer window for coaching staff too?

I wonder what my fellow bloggers think.

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Edwin said...

I must say that I have lost faith in Mr. Wenger. I know this sounds like high treason, but if Arsene is always right, then right now I just can't be right. His tactical skills need some upgrading.... but he's too old for that. He need a number 2.... A Queroz who can make sound tactical decisions. A number 2 who can turn our defence around. Arsene is a visionary. He's after the big picture. When it comes to game situations, there are a lot of guys that a way ahead of him.

That said, Arsene has simply lost the plot this season. Hate to say I told you so..........