Sunday, November 23, 2008

what kind of soccer fan are you?

Over this weekend I was wondering what it would take to be a Leeds United soccer fan, from their heady days in the nineties, to their current state languishing in the lower leagues. Or what it would take to be a die hard Super League team supporter in the Kenyan league, fighting for survival.

A good number of Arsenal supporters (at least the Kenyan ones) are looking for the nearest cracks in the wall to hide themselves in...

One of the hall marks of a true soccer fan is to be able to support your team, through thick and thin. The true test of support is when things are going bad. A bit of a parallel here with Arsenal's former captain Gallas who when the team needed him most (Birmingham last season) chose to sulk at the centre of the pitch.

Calling all the true Shabik's there .. show your teams support; after all you cannot influence some decisions (e.g. who to buy / not to buy) so as a shabik, one is supposed to support.


Teal'c said...

Gallic: French: of or pertaining to France or the people of France; "French cooking"; "a Gallic shrug"

Fascinating :)

Redondo said...

very true teal'c. the English are true fans. much as the likes of man-U and Arsenal command a big following, small teams that have never even featured in the EPL too are thronged by adoring fans. some families even support a team through many generations. i met this english guy who impressed me by his love of Ipswich City FC. his grandfather and father are all fans of Ipswich and they have no time for chelsea, manU or Arsenal. MASHABIK mpo?