Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Manchester United vs Arsenal

A potential classic...

But then, that is what I said about the Barcelona vs Chelsea game yesterday and I more or less dozed for most of the game. 

Arsenal's defence has never been that good this season and last, and Man U have one of the most potent set of forwards in Europe. Arsenal will probably edge it possession wise, but the question on most Arsenal fans' minds is whether that possession, this time, will translate into goals. 

Quite a number of contrasts: Man U have been there, and done that, (2 UCL cups, many more league titles) while Arsenal have never won that UCL and have had to endure 4 seasons without any silverware.

Man U's defence of late has not been as air tight as when they went 10 games without conceding a goal (though against arguably 'average' opposition). 

Man U will probably win the English Premiership this time round ahead of bitter rivals Liverpool.

Previously, in the days of Keane vs Viera, before the age of the Oligarch, games between the two tended to be rather heated affairs (anyone recall Pizzagate? Cesc maybe?). However, currently, both Wenger and Fergerson enjoy a considerable level of mutual respect - maybe age has something to do with it? There's also a level of mutual respect among the two teams with Cesc saying that they are the best team in the world currently (that coming from a Catalan is something), and Vidic saying that he'll need to be at his best to cope with the threat that Adebayor poses.

Should be an interesting watch... so whatever side you are of the 'divide', have fun ... and don't go overboard.

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De' Stefano said...

Man U 1:0 Arsenal
Venue: Old Trafford
Scorers: John O'shea

Man U 3:1 Arsenal
Venue: The Emirates
Scorers: Man U-Ronaldo (2)& Park
Arsenal-Van Persie

Aggregate Score: Man U 4:1 Arsenal

Man U now firm favourites to retain the UCL, no doubt. Whats was the distance again for that cracker of a free kick from Ronaldo? 40 yards out??!! Am a Man U hater but this guy surely desrves the FIFA World Player of the Year.
On a more sombre note some did infact go 'overboard' in Nairobi's Pipeline estate after the annihilation of the Gunners at the Emirates... talk of giving up your life for the love of the game... so tragic!!!